...i ain't coming back, you come and find me and i'll be waiting...

Lipsticks & Pussy

(All songs are written by Winston Campbell, Jr. except where specified)


delay skincutter

there once was a man
who lived in a man
and he didn't know what to do with himself
so he had to run to the market to get some sort of clothes
now this man didn't know the ways around the where
he kind of walked around in a mile in a mile in a mile
and he didn't know what to do after himself
now didn't i hear you saying a story so many times before
so many times i didn't understand the last thing you said
would you recognize me if you weren't...
is there anyone here
i don't know, man
my guess is that this-a thing's gonna be recorded
because i'm doing the thing from the headphones
know what i'm saying?
ain't saying nothing
ain't saying nothing at all

mofo's win
mofo's lose
that's the way it goes, man
look at justin, man
lost to kelly clarkson on american idol
now she has a song
she's a good singer though
i'll a...
i'll give her that
that's all i'm gonna say about that
that's all i'm gonna say
now, i don't know nothing
you know i don't know nothing
it's all coming to an end
you know what i mean
the way the world is

and all this terrorism stuff
i don't know, man
i don't know what the future holds
you know
maybe if that like...
what you call them things
dammit man i can't remember the name
the meteor, man, might hit the earth
i don't know what to do after that point
know what i'm saying
it's all bad
you know what i'm saying, man
i ain't trying to front or nothing
just trying to tell the truth

trying to tell it in a southern accent
which doesn't seem to work all the much
you know what i mean
i don't know
guess i'm just sitting here trying to record this song
trying to make an album out of it
but i don't know how it's coming out
what the hell am i doing
i got like delays and stuff
and bass
rub my hands all up and down at the top of the bass
like a mofo
and i'm all by myself in this house
don't know what to do
maybe i get myself a skincutter and delay it
yeah that's what i said

get myself a skincutter and delay it
that's all i gotta say at this time


alright, alright



gas that dog

well i went out one morning
to grab myself some hay
i seen long tall sally
filling up her biscuit tray
say "hey long tall sally,
what you got in there for me"
she said "don't cross my now boy
or else i'm gonna pee

pee on your fuuking leg
but i'll number two instead"
well i went in to town
to grab my wedding gown
the man behind the counter
asked me why i had a frown
said "i have got a frown
cause i got a meaty mound"
he looked at me peculiar-like
and didn't make a sound
then i lifted up my skirt
and showed him where it hurt
like hell!
so why don't you get out the sammy adams
and pull down the gas masks
and gas that dog!
gas it doggystyle

the one with no leg
the one that's always in your bed
oh yeah, baby
in your bed!


jaq trip her and sin dies now

why does no one talk about cindy snow?  
the further in is the way it goes  
and it's going much further than here

why must the look be so demeaning?  
the gun for the final time  
jack pushes cindy into the meat grinder  

special k tastes like old women's blood  
janet leaves the scene in her head  
pushes herself to strike a finger down her throat  

no one feels the way we move on  
jealousy paints the sky in palettes  
mr. angelino had choked her in her sleep  

chrissy left them and none were all  
jack tried hard to pull his plans through  
kissed cindy and busted her head open on the fence   

here we go...

girl into man and man into hermaphrodite  
janet knows the way how it goes  
why does no one talk about cindy snow?  

larry falls for the final time and says  
"and somehow i believe my death will pull us all through"


sexy nigger

he was a sexy nigger
wouldn't you figure
i am a confederate soldier from the south
when i laid my eyes on him
he looked so tender i wanted to give in
but i am a confederate soldier from the south
picking cotton was his thing
the way he picked it made me want to sing
he was a such a sexy nigger
you wouldn't figure
but i can't touch him
cause i am a soldier
confederacy for robert e. lee
robert e. lee
you wouldn't...
couldn't do the way i feel

oooh, for that sexy nigger
oooh, sexy nigger





lipsticks and pussy

hey there,
have yourself some pussy
and i ate it well
and i can't pull myself
in front of it
and i ate it well

well, i had myself some pussy
and i ate it well
and you know where you can find me
it's all very well...
if you know what i am saying
if you lay down in front of me
with your legs wide open
and your heart...
hurting me slowly 
it burns
it burns in you say
stick your tongue below
tongue below
tongue below
and you sick my tongue below
so much breath is taken and forsaken
and you know

"will you eat my pussy down below?"
fuck it!


no music



the longest possible way home

i've lost my feet
somewhere along the way
don't remember where
don't even remember why
and i'm so weak
i've lost all that blood
and in the mud

is my finger on the trigger
i'm on my way babe
to your niagara falls
i'm on my way babe
and it's not working out
somewhere along the way
i've lost my will to give up
and i'm all out
i'm all out of here
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